First-Class Garden Maintenance

Effortlessly Cleaning Your Patios, Gutters, and Decking in Leigh, Lancashire

Create a great first impression by making sure your patio, decking, and gutters are thoroughly clean and clear. Based in Leigh, Lancashire, we carry out full patio and decking cleaning of the highest standard, as well as restoring the efficiency of your gutters. Please note that some restrictions may apply to this.

Complete Restoration

From jet washing your driveway to re-sanding the surface, we ensure that stability is fully restored. As part of our convenient maintenance solutions, we also offer a sealing service to help prevent any muck and dirt clinging to the bricks, which applies to patios, paving, and decking as well.

When it comes to decking, our team can also wax or stain after a deep clean. This will help to prolong the life of the wood, and also stop water from penetrating the wood itself.

A Flexible Service

Utilising an extendable jet wash, this helps us to clean up to a 2-storey house, effectively cleaning your gutters from the ground. For any parts that cannot be reached this way, our team use ladders safely and efficiently.

Contact us in Leigh, Lancashire, to find out more about patio and decking-cleaning services.